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I love you with all of my heart and am going to miss you so much. It's so hard to know you're gone but it's also relieving to know you're out of pain and in a place where you can be forever young.

You were a wounderfull and loving dog, always happy and so loving. You never did any wrong

It's gonna be hard not being able to pet you every day or kiss you but I know you ur not suffering no more. You lived a 2 years and we had a lot of happy memories, going on walks, taking you every wear we went ur more than a dog to me , playing outside with you, and cuddling with you at the end of the day.

The house feels empty without you but I know you're not really gone, your still here in the house with us and you will be forever. I love you, chipilona , so much. You really are a wonderful dog dog someone could ask for. rest in peace chipilona
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