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Monday, 23. July 2012 05:46 Host: Write a comment

For my darling baby girl Amber, who was helped to sleep yesterday 22nd July 2012.
When you and your brother Jet came into my life in 2005, I was taught how to love again at a time when I had forgotten how to love myself. Your beautiful black fur and playful, seat-stealing ways made me smile to the end.
I am trying to remember all the love we've shared and the happy memories we made, but the pain of your hidden illness and rapid decline keeps me awake at night. I try to remember the happy times but the pain crashes in on me even harder.
I try to keep in my mind that we three will be together again someday and hope that gets me through. Sweet dreams baby girl. I hope there are lots of warm sofa spots for you to steal in the happy place you have gone to. Love you always. Miss you always. Xxx
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