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Tammy your ripples still there, love and miss you, jannet's angel.
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In memory of Gecko
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For N.T. With love
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What a wonderful site for all our precious animal friends who are no longer here
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For Mozilla 5 years
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Tracey Surman 
Brighton, UK
Wednesday, 3. September 2014 19:50 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

To my darling Rough Collies: Rockie my darling you came into my life at the age of 8 and I lost you 4 weeks ago aged 14. Tess my angel I lost you two days ago after 14.5 years together. The grief is beyond words. I cannot take in what has happened. You made me complete and my life what it was - together we so trusted each other and made each other so happy. I loved you both more that it should be possible. I wonder how I can live without you in my life but I have to go on for the sake of Suki and Honey. I know we will see each other again. I asked you for a sign and you immediately send down a robin - a sign you know I would recognise; thank you my darlings. I do hope you are ok. Love mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Thank you for this site, in memory of all our pets
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My handsome Max! It's been three months and I absolutely lost and heartbroken. I lost my best friend. I miss you sitting on my lap (even though you was too heavy!) and me having to massage you. Your big cuddles and running about like a nutter. Can't believe you have gone. Not a day I haven't shed a tear since you've been gone. Miss you Moo, love you forever. Sleep tight xxxxxxxxxx
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Tuesday, 23. July 2013 04:56 IP: Write a comment

Paddy we had to say goodbye to you on Friday ,, and it hurts so much that your not with us anymore we all miss you ,, Adam and Lauren ,,,, and Henry . You were with us for along time ,, from the start,, when it was just you , Dillon ,and mam and dad ,,, we hope your with Dillon playing and happy and pain free. We will always miss you Paddy and like Dillon you will always be in our hearts and minds,,, one day we will meet again ,,,, love you son and miss you always XXXXX
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Pamela Wilson 
Friday, 3. May 2013 16:45 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

My dearest wee Rodney, you were with us for such a short time, but we grew to love you so much , we miss your furry little face and wheeks for food , i hope you are having fun up on Rainbow Bridge xxx
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