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addicted to scrapbooking



Dog Scrapbooking

I expect that if you are like me you have amassed quite a large quantity of photos and memorabilia about your beloved dog or pet.

I had always kept my photos in ordinary albums which I now know were photo unsafe as they contained acid and lignin. Other memorabilia such as her Pedigree certificate, inoculations cards etc I kept in various places.

When Tammy died I wanted to bring all of these photos and memories together. I have nearly 15 years of them, so it was quite a task. Creating a scrapbook has been the best solution. It has been both a painful experience and a happy one as I recall all the many happy times with my Tammy

So just where do you begin ? The most important thing I learnt was to only use acid and lignin free products in my scrapbook. Acid and Lignin can in time break down your precious photos. Some of my photos in ordinary albums were already becoming yellow which is a sign of damage.

You can add journalling to your scrapbook pages to tell the story behind the photos,or just simply to add dates and notes. Maybe you might like to add a title to the page too, it is up to you, do whatever feels right for you. You can also add mementos,I have put some of Tammy's hair safely in a memorabilia pocket, and I have also put her precious muddy paw prints in her scrapbook (they were on the back of a get well card)

Scrapbook albums usually come in sizes 12x12, 8.5x11 8x8 and 6x6 and in all sorts of lovely colours and designs! There is also an array of patterned papers and cardstock available, I usually buy all my scrapbook supplies online. You could do a search for scrapbooking on Google, and you will find lots of stores! There seem to be more products available in the USA than in the UK at the moment, but if you are buying from the USA be sure to read HM Revenue and Customs web site first!

You can create your album chronologically through the years, or by events, Christmas, holidays etc. It is up to you just do what you feel is best there are no rules in scrapbooking.

Most of all have fun creating your scrapbook,They are your memories and it is your scrapbook so just follow your heart.

Some Dog Layout Ideas

  • How/When did you meet your doggie
  • How did you decide on your dogs name
  • List all your Pet Names for your dog
  • Funny things/tricks your dog does/did
  • Favourite time/event with your dog
  • First Bath
  • Naughtiest thing your doggie ever did
  • Their favourite Toy and Games to play
  • Things I love about my Dog
  • First birthday/Christmas/holiday/vacation
  • A Day in the Life of .....
  • Paw Prints

      Scanning Printing your Photos

      I often scan some of my older photos of Tammy and have them printed in a larger size. When you scan your photos be sure to use a high dpi, I use 600 dpi. You can find more advice about scanning photos at Scan Tips.

      I personally use PhotoBox to print all of my photos.Once you have uploaded your photos to PhotoBox you can then auto fix them using their Edit with Picnik option. You can also get rid of redeye, add frames, text, snow and all sorts of other really nice things.

      Although I had taken a zillion photos of Tammy, I of course wish that I had taken more. My biggest problem with taking photographs of Tammy was we were always together if she saw me she was there! Wonderful but difficult to get pictures of just her without me. I personally don't like photos which are obviously posed, and I feel sorry for dogs which are all dressed up in costumes, unless of course the dogs really do enjoy it.

      Find out how to take a good photograph of your dog

      You can View some of my Doggie Scrapbook Layouts here. I hope that you may like to add yours to the gallery too!

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